A custom Inspection Task can be added to any Inspection Template. The below instructions outline the basics.

Step 1: Create the Inspection Task

  • In the mynavistream.com web client, log into a user with Super Administrator privileges

  • Click on “Administration” on the top banner

  • Click on “Tasks” under the “Inspections” heading

  • Click on “Create a new Inspection Task” on the upper right

  • Give your new task a name and description

  • Select which Organization you’d like to make this task available to via the “Applies to” field. Selecting nothing will make it available to any Organization.

  • Create specific defects by using the “Add Defect Types” button.

    • Give each defect a Name, Description and Severity (major or minor)

  • Click on “Create Inspection Task” when completed

Step 2: Apply the task to an inspection template

  • Still under “Administration”, click on “Templates” under the “Inspections” heading

  • Select the template you’d like to apply your new task to

  • Click on “Edit Inspection Template”

  • In the category list at the bottom, choose an existing category or add another for your task

    • A new category will show on the driver’s tablet unit with the name you give it

  • Add your inspection task created in step 1 to the list you’ve chosen

  • Click on “Update Inspection Template” when completed