The shift summary report is a detailed log of a driver’s shift. The information included is meant to be viewed alongside the driver’s hours of service report to get a better understanding of the activities that a driver performed in their day.

To access the shift report, click on Reports at the top of the Navistream web client ( and then click “Shift Summary” under the “Driver Activities” heading.

After clicking you’ll be taken to a summary view screen. This screen shows you all active shift reports for today.

The header at the top of this view displays some aggregate data about the day like the total number of shifts, shift hours, and a total of loads and unloads in the day.

The summary contains columns that show the following information on a day to day basis:

  • The driver’s name

  • When their shift started and ended

  • Their shift length

  • How many loads and unloads they’ve completed

  • Total driving distance

It also shows a quick breakdown of time spent in a variety of activities. These activities include:

  • Driving

  • Breaks

  • Waiting to Load or Unload

  • Loading or Unloading

  • Unknown Stops

Clicking on a driver’s name will take you to a detailed shift report for that day. The same information that’s shown in the summary view will be available as a header for this report.


If multiple shifts occur for the driver in the same day, there will be a shift selector in the top-center of the report.

Clicking on the numbered shift will change the data presented in the report to match that shift.

The same date picker from the summary screen is also available on the top-right to move between days easily.

This view also contains a shift timeline. The shift timeline gives you a breakdown of all the activities performed by a driver in their shift. This breakdown includes data on:

  • Activity start time

  • Activity Type

  • Activity Duration

  • Distance traveled during that activity

  • The vehicle being used

  • Any notes the driver has provided

  • A link to the driver’s location on google maps

You can also choose to include some optional data on the timeline by clicking on “Display Options” on the right hand side above the location column.

After clicking, a few optional checkboxes will appear that let you include data such as when the driver’s tablet lost GPS or Cellular connectivity, and when they’ve entered or exited a Geozoned Location.

If any activities occur within another activity (such as some driving time while the driver is having their vehicle loaded, or any waiting time before a load or unload) the report will show those activities as nested.

To view nested activities, click on the + to the left of the start time to expand the activity.

Using the data provided in the shift summary report can help you get some real insight and clarity into your drivers’ day and help make sure things are moving swiftly and productively.