There are a couple options available to you here. On the Web Portal ( you can:

  • add your Driver to the Organization the Vehicle belongs to. This will also allow the Driver to be able to select this new Organization as their Home Terminal on the tablet as needed via Main Menu > Driver Logs > Home Terminal.
     - Go to 'Maintenance & Settings' > Users and add another Membership with the corresponding Organization and Role of Driver.


  • add the Organization to the Vehicle (if it is a Trailer type). We allow Trailers to be 'Shared with' multiple Organizations.
     - Go to 'Maintenance & Settings' > Vehicles and select the given Trailer. Select 'Edit Vehicle' and add the corresponding Organization to the 'Shared with' field.


  • make all Vehicles available to all Drivers across all Organizations. This will allow Drivers to be able to select any Vehicle (Tractor or Trailer) that belong to any Organization on the tablet.
     - Go to 'Maintenance & Settings' > Vehicles and select 'Vehicle Sharing' and check 'Allow Sharing'.

Note: making any of these configuration changes will take affect when the Driver logs out and back into the tablet.