Product:                       Navistream 2 Web Client

Error:                           Unable to Review a Driver Log in Violation

Cause:                         Bug

Solution:                      Contact support:

Revised Date:              06/29/2017

Fixed Date:                  06/03/2017

As of Navistream version 13326 this bug will no longer occur. Please make sure your tablets are updated to the latest version.

A bug in an older version of Navistream can prevent a user from reviewing a driver log that shows as in violation. The review button does not appear because the driver is not actually in violation. This is a false flag that support can resolve for you. This occurs when the driver had a violation, and signed their log, but the log had been edited after to remove the violation. The bug makes the violation stick with no way to review it.

Please contact if you’re experiencing this issue and we’ll be happy to assist you.